Cap de Creus (Cadaqués)
The first place of the Iberian peninsula to see the sun. A magical place to feel small in the midst of the lush sea and the mountains cut by salt. From the tip of the Far, the sunrise over the sea horizon is spectacular.
La Gola del Ter
We recommend going a full moon sunset. Here you can live a unique spectacle: watch the sun set on the side of the river between the mountains and at the same time turn around and watch the imposing moon rise above the sea accompanied by the Medes Islands. It's inimitable and unforgettable. 
Portitxol Beach
From the beach or from the terrace of Hostal Empúries you can see both the sun and the moon rise If you are taking the good perspective you can see the moon between the hole of the leafy rocks next to the beach.
Stairs of Girona Cathedral
Girona Cathedral offers a majestic spectacle, and even more so when you contemplate the sun-tidy from the top of its 90 scales. Everything is dyed with an orange colour that makes the stage an exceptional place. 
Lake Banyoles
Towards night, the water of Lake Banyoles becomes a mirror and it is the best time to stop, sit and breathe the special air that gives off the atmosphere when the sun begins to fall behind the mountains and stain the pond with oranges, violets and reds. Stop, take a deep breath and enjoy the wonder of these sunset landscapes and sunrises in Girona and Costa Brava!

Dear customers,

From Lovely Houses Diana we want to thank you for your support in wanting to stay in our houses. In a small town like Diana we have enjoyed the advantage of being few people and being able to have nature around us.

We do not know when we will return to normality, the only thing we can guarantee is that we have worked hard to offer you a safe destination where you can enjoy your holidays with peace of mind, because now more than ever, who would not want to get lost in one of the corners of the magical Empordà? By agreeing to stay at Lovely Houses Diana you agree to certify that you are in good health and free of symptoms such as fever, nasal or conjunctival congestion or cough. Individual self-responsibility is used to maintain the standards established by health.