We believe that by combining different raw materiales like wood, iron, glass, added to a neutral colour palette, one can transmit serenity, balance and coherence. Our aim is to put across these values which have been captured in each of our houses. We sought simplicity in our designs, aiming at giving minimalist, yet comfortable, character to every corner. We have designed all of our houses with natural materials in their essence, in order to create comfortable and cosy spaces which will improve with the passage of time. Shelters built with love, for the enjoyment of life and tranquillity.
Casa Diana is a modern, elegant, family-sized country home. A place created for those seeking a quiet natural environment, good food, and beauty. A perfect house to enjoy the very best amenities and feel at home. It has a large fully-equipped kitchen. You will enjoy wonderful views from all the bedrooms and the garden, over the fields and woods surrounding the house.
Cal Ouaire provides a truly authentic experience in the heart of the Empordà. It is a restored house surrounded by woodland and small houses forming the quiet hamlet of Diana. The house was renovated from the ruins of an old barn. Renovations were carried out following the premises of preserving its beautiful original stone walls, and seeking always to provide both serenity and comfort. The result is a welcoming home that transmits a feeling of well-being and simplicity.
Cal Nin offers exclusive privacy. Its terrace, with porch and private swimming pool, its large kitchen, and fireplace, are perfect elements to spend a special and relaxing stay, with all the necessary amenities. The house has been restored and decorated to make people feel at home. Surrounded by fields and woodland, it is perfect for families or groups of friends seeking peace and tranquillity.
the loft
 The Loft was created as a ground floor shelter where you can rest, disconnect and relax. A single area with a minimalist design. A cosy space to be lived intimately.  It is the perfect place to enjoy at all hours of the day and night.

Dear customers,

From Lovely Houses Diana we want to thank you for your support in wanting to stay in our houses. In a small town like Diana we have enjoyed the advantage of being few people and being able to have nature around us.

We do not know when we will return to normality, the only thing we can guarantee is that we have worked hard to offer you a safe destination where you can enjoy your holidays with peace of mind, because now more than ever, who would not want to get lost in one of the corners of the magical Empordà? By agreeing to stay at Lovely Houses Diana you agree to certify that you are in good health and free of symptoms such as fever, nasal or conjunctival congestion or cough. Individual self-responsibility is used to maintain the standards established by health.