Our Family & A Dream

Lovely Houses Diana is born out of our love for this unique land, the Mediterranean sky, both woodland and sea fragrances, simple flavours, architectures built out of noble materials, sharing our dreams and experiences in a land of magic. Genís, like the good hard-working peasant farmer that he is, has always had a skill that only a few others share: the ability to create. He has transmitted his knowledge and craft to Lluís and, together, they use their own hands to transform natural materials, turning them into furniture and the different structures that now shape and decorate our houses. 

Rosa and Cristina have joined up their creativity, love of design, and perfectionism to turn the houses into cosy and welcoming homes, each with a life of its own. Our family had always wished to give new life to spaces originally used as barns and sheds designed for agriculture, and that, added to our enthusiasm to meet people from all over the world, sparked off our decision to start this exciting new project. We will be delighted to welcome you and tell you about what we believe to be the best and most beautiful parts of the Empordà and the Costa Brava. 

the loft
camps diana

Dear customers,

From Lovely Houses Diana we want to thank you for your support in wanting to stay in our houses. In a small town like Diana we have enjoyed the advantage of being few people and being able to have nature around us.

We do not know when we will return to normality, the only thing we can guarantee is that we have worked hard to offer you a safe destination where you can enjoy your holidays with peace of mind, because now more than ever, who would not want to get lost in one of the corners of the magical Empordà? By agreeing to stay at Lovely Houses Diana you agree to certify that you are in good health and free of symptoms such as fever, nasal or conjunctival congestion or cough. Individual self-responsibility is used to maintain the standards established by health.